THE BRONX - A 10-year-old girl, who was separated from her mother on a shopping trip in Kingsbridge Tuesday, was found safe at home.

Carmen Rosario was shopping with her two daughters at a store on Broadway when she became separated from Matilde.

Matilde thought her mom had already left the store, so she went out on the street.  She says she called her name, but her mother wasn't there.

Rosario flagged down a passing patrol car and police searched for the girl.  However, Matilde was in the subway trying to get home.  With no MetroCard, she needed some help from the MTA.

"They let me go under," she says. "I crossed over and took the 2 train."

After an agonizing few hours, Rosario came home to find Matilde waiting for her.

If Matilde gets lost again, she says she's just going to stay in the store until she can get reunited with her family.