THE BRONX - The Bronx Preparatory Charter School hosted a Feeling Good: More about You forum to promote a healthy body image for teenage girls.

Women?s health educators, teachers, students and parents met to discuss issues related to girls? health, sex and body image at the Proctor & Gamble event.

Some parents say they were surprised by their daughters? questions. They say the forum helped them realize their own efforts at informing their daughters may be lacking.

Sharwon Boateng, a woman?s health educator, says parents need to be comfortable with the information so they can share it with their daughters.

Boateng says parents should encourage daughters to talk about their bodies, let them know there are resources they can use for more information and be open and realistic.

The school nurse says she will also facilitate one-on-one meetings with parents and children who may feel uneasy discussing the topics.

Bronx Prep hopes to open up discussions and workshops to the entire community.

The sex education teacher says the program will be cut at the end of December but teachers can go online and download the lecture to teach it on their own.