THE BRONX - A parking spot dispute took a deadly turn for one Bronx man living in the Country Club section of the borough. 

According to investigators, 50-year-old Gjok Deda was arrested Monday and charged with manslaughter in connection with the death of his neighbor, 68-year-old Ronald Antonucci. 

Both men lived in the same apartment building on Stadium Avenue, and police say they had a fight over a parking space last Thursday. Witnesses reported that Antonucci was punched and never got back up. 

The medical examiner has ruled the cause of death blunt impacts to the head. The criminal report states that Deda punched Antonucci numerous times. 

Authorities had originally thought that Antonucci died of a heart attack, but then found bruises on his head, leading the medical examiner to rule the death a homicide.

Deda is due in court on Friday.