THE BRONX - Experts from Google arrived in the Bronx Thursday to offer tips on growing a business and making it more visible online.

The free seminar, titled "Let's Get Our Cities on the Map" held at The Bronx Museum of Arts, helped business owners from the borough to get the help they need to take their business to the next level.

"A lot of businesses now, their customers are finding them through the Web, they're looking on their mobile phones, they're wanting to find information," says Carley Garcia, of Google. "This is a way for the Bronx businesses to be able to reach local customers, as well as customers all over the world to be able to find them online."

Attendees of the seminar were not only given tips but were also walked through the process of setting up their own website.

"I'm one of those who came here with a website, so when they started talking about words like SEO and XRM's, that's really, really confusing but programs like this are great in the sense that they are educating us on how to better market ourselves to the public," says business owner Richard Habersham.