THE BRONX - (AP) - New York's governor and mayor urged transitofficials Tuesday to look for savings before possibly raising faresand tolls for a second year in a row. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority is set to unveil itspreliminary 2009 budget Wednesday and may boost tolls and fares.The discussion would come four months after the last price hike forthe agency's subways, buses, commuter railroads, bridges andtunnels. Governor David Paterson said an increase so soon after the lastfare hike "is not wise." Mayor Michael Bloomberg said he wouldn't support another fareincrease unless the MTA can show it's trimming costs. The last fare increase took effect in March. The $2 fare for asingle subway or bus ride didn't change, but monthly unlimited-rideMetroCards went to $81 from $76; weekly cards rose to $25 from $24.MTA pushing for another fare hike