THE BRONX - Gov. David Paterson announced new provisions to Leandra's Law today that he says will help crack down on the number of drunk driving accidents in New York.

The law makes it a felony to drive drunk with a passenger under the age of 15 in the vehicle.

Under the new provisions, all individuals convicted of a felony or misdemeanor drunk driving charge, including first-time offenders, must install an ignition interlock system in any vehicle that they own and operate.

The device tests a driver's breath by requiring them to blow into a small handheld alcohol sensor unit, attached to the dashboard. It must be installed for six months to five years based on the severity of the charges.

The cost of the device ranges from $75 to $100 and can also carry a monthly fee of up to $100. Gov. Paterson says all costs will be paid by the individual convicted for drunken driving.

The new provisions will take effect on Aug. 15.