CONCOURSE VILLAGE - A group of Concourse Village tenants seeking repairs to their apartments asked a judge Monday to appoint a designated receiver to oversee the work.

The tenants, all of a building going through foreclosure, say they were dismayed when the judge declined to hear oral arguments and instead requested paperwork for a decision to be rendered later.

The renters say they've been battling Tiny Fiesta Realty Associates, the management company, and their landlords Louis and Jonathan Bombart for years.

The building at 888 Grand Concourse is going into foreclosure. It's also been flagged for more than 200 violations, according to the city's Department of Housing Preservation and Development.

Tenants say that during the foreclosure process, they haven't had any repairs made to things like windows and heating. They argue that a court-appointed receiver would ensure that their rent payments go toward repairs.