THE BRONX - According to published reports, the Bronx district attorney is seeking indictments for 17 police officers from precincts throughout the borough for alleged ticket-fixing.

Following a two-year investigation, sources say that several NYPD members, including at least one lieutenant, made tickets disappear in return for cash, liquor and expensive event tickets.

A grand jury is expected to decide whether to indict all 17, who face charges of perjury, bribery and rewarding official misconduct.

Reports say that some of the officers will be arrested at their precincts, but that most will have a chance to turn themselves in at the Bronx County Hall of Justice.

Dozens of the officers have already been disciplined by the NYPD with modified duty or loss of vacation days. If they are found guilty of the most serious charges, they could lose their jobs, pensions or spend time behind bars.

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