THE BRONX - Automobiles called Zipcars present a new, environmentally friendly way to get around the Bronx ? but they're not cheap.

For $10.50 an hour or $73 a day, drivers can rent the hybrid cars that have been strategically parked around the city. Drivers who wish to use the cars must also pay a $50 annual fee and a one-time $25 application processing fee.

After that, members can reserve cars 24/7 online and pick up vehicles by placing a special card against a sensor, which unlocks the doors. The car keys are inside.

On the bright side, drivers don't have to pay for gas because each car has a gas card that drivers use to fill up the Zipcars.

Some Bronx residents say Zipcars might be a good option if they're in a bind.

The company is giving discounts to Albert Einstein College of Medicine faculty and staff as part of its Tuesday launch.

Customers must be at least 21 years old with a valid driver's license and have no more than two moving violations on record.