THE BRONX - A Bronx group that serves people with disabilities is taking a local community health center and a hospital to court. 

Bronx Independent Living Services, along with three Bronx residents with disabilities, filed a lawsuit against St. Barnabas Hospital and the Union Community Health Center on the Grand Concourse for allegedly violating the Americans with Disabilities Act. 

Rodolfo Diaz, one of the residents suing, claims the health center's hallways are narrow, making it difficult for him to navigate his wheelchair. He also says he faced other difficulties just trying to make an appointment there. 

ADA advocates say some buildings still don't have buttons to automatically open doors.

In a statement, the Union Community Health Center says in part, "We are confident that all information brought forth will quell and discredit any false allegations that have been made..."

St. Barnabas Hospital also released a statement saying, "Union Community Health Center is a separate, stand-alone entity that has no corporate relationship with the SBH Health System. For these reasons, there is no reason why we should be named here in this lawsuit."