GRAND CONCOURSE - Some South Bronx residents are celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. Day by speaking out about the 149th Street and Grand Concourse station elevator. The elevator has been broken and untouched for about 40 years.

The group protesting says that the four flights of stairs makes it almost impossible for the elderly, disabled, pregnant and others to use the station.

An elevator shaft is in place and used to be up and running until the early 1970s. For the past few years, the South Bronx Community Congress has been fighting to get one built once again.

Members of the group say they've gone to multiple MTA hearings, but were told there was no money. Now, they're hoping Mayor Bill de Blasio and the new administration will hear them and take action.

An MTA spokesperson tells News 12 there are no plans to build an elevator. However, members of the group says they've got nearly 1,000 signatures on a petition, and the next stop is City Hall.