THE BRONX - There is a big push to preserve the Old West Farms Cemetery in the Bronx and make sure it doesn?t fall into decay again.

The plots in the cemetery date back to the War of 1812, Spanish-American War, Civil War and World War I. Since the original cleanup effort by the Bronx Veteran?s Advisory Committee, the Parks Department has been in charge of keeping the historic cemetery maintained.

However, the committee says with the right community support, the land could be more than just a final resting place. They would like to make it an educational resource as well as keep up the beauty of the area.

To that end, the group is planning another community-wide cleanup of the cemetery. Although a date has not been finalized, they hope to see more involvement from the neighborhood.

The committee is also on the hunt for other cemeteries that are home to veterans across the borough so they can institute similar cleanup and maintenance efforts.