THE BRONX - A once vacant lot has officially opened as a brand new park in University Heights.

The Hayden Lord Park on Andrews Avenue and West 175th Street quickly filled Tuesday with kids and adults who wanted to check out the transformed space.

The opening ceremony saw tears and sadness for the park's namesake, Hayden Lord. The park was built from a collaboration between the Lord family and developer Peter Magistro, who has been building up University Heights for years.

The Lords say they find joy that this park will bring happiness to others, all in the name of their loved one's legacy.

The park has something for everyone, including a playground, a performance gazebo and an organic farm. It also has European-inspired mosaics, an artistic touch from nonprofit group The Dream Yard Project, which received funding from the real estate company Bronx Pro Group and JPMorgan Chase.

Magistro says he hopes the unique park will not only attract people from the Bronx, but also from all over the city.