THE BRONX - Mayor Bill de Blasio and other city officials held a press conference Friday warning about the dangers posed by the intense heat that is settling over the city for the next few days.

The extreme heat poses a unique danger to firefighters in particular, who must wear heavy gear and carry equipment while battling flames. 

Several firefighters were injured when a fire broke out earlier in the week in Wakefield, including one who suffered from heat stroke. The firefighters are recovering, but the FDNY says they must take precautions like staying hydrated and rotating crews.

"You can only imagine on a day like today putting on the heaviest coat you own, an extra pair of pants, boots, a warm hat, gloves, place yourself in an environment somewhere between a sauna and a steam bath and exert yourself to the highest level," said FDNY Commissioner Daniel Nigro.

Nigro also said that people shouldn't be using a fire hydrant with a spray cap. He says that can reduce water pressure for them or flood a neighbor's house.

The FDNY installed 200 spray caps on Thursday, and also has them available upon request.