THE BRONX - The threat of Hermine may have dampened Labor Day spirits for some, but the weather turned out to be anything but treacherous.

During the weekend, the city was on alert for Hermine, causing some people to completely cancel or change their holiday plans.

However, on City Island, one would never know there was a storm looming just off the coast.

Many residents visited the area to enjoy their favorite local waterfront for the sendoff to summer.

Beachgoers were not able to swim in the water, but it didn’t stop residents from making the most of their day off.

Still, some businesses were a little slow as a result of all of the storm warnings.

Emma Crandal, from the South Minneford Yacht Club says that on Sunday the threats from Hermine kept people away.

New York City officials have extended beach closures beyond Labor Day, citing continued deadly rip currents caused by storm system Hermine.

City parks officials said that beaches will also be closed to swimming, bathing and surfing on Tuesday.