HIGHBRIDGE - After two years of protesting and meeting with education officials, the Highbridge community may finally get a middle school.

For years, middle school students from Highbridge have used public transportation to get to school miles away. Parents have been continually pushing the city for a middle school in Highbridge, and now, it seems as if those efforts have paid off.

The School Construction Authority has conducted a neighborhood-by-neighborhood analysis that identified pockets of overcrowding in the community. In a newly-released capital plan, the city confirms that Highbridge needs a middle school.

However, some parents are still skeptical that the school will be built.

?We're crying, laughing, jumping for joy but until the mortar and brick is laid, it's still just a promise,? said Wanda Smith.

A location and a completion date have not yet been identified. Parents plan on meeting with school officials next week to iron out further details.