THE BRONX - Actor and director Sheyne Benoit has just completed "Wake," a $15,000 independent movie shot entirely in the Bronx.

Benoit funded the picture himself, but says the main struggle was matching up the busy schedules of his volunteer actors. The film was created over a period of 2 and half years.

The filmmaker says he called all his good friends and asked if they'd work on the film without pay. After organizing his cast and crew, Benoit wrote the script and acquired the equipment.

The movie revolves around a group of Bronx natives who parted ways and are brought back to the borough after the death of a friend. Benoit says he hopes the film presents a positive representation of the borough to the outside world.

Benoit plans on entering the film into festivals across the country. Producers say the movie will be shown at community venues in the upcoming weeks so Bronx residents can get a chance to enjoy it.