THE BRONX - A nearly 100-year-old Bronx woman is dealing with a major mess in her home after she says the foreclosed property next door flooded her house on Poplar Street.

Fanny Lama has lived in her residence for 70 years and says she has never had a problem until now. On Wednesday, her basement flooded and left her with soggy floors and walls that have been ripped open. Lama says insurance will not cover the damage.

News 12 learned that PHH Mortgage has owned the foreclosed house next door since 2013. The mortgage lender says it's aware of the issue and working to resolve it.

For now, the Department of Environmental Protection has shut off the water valve to the foreclosed home.

News 12 reached out to state Sen. Jeffrey Klein's office, which said that there is a state law that holds banks or mortgage lenders accountable for these kinds of issues. The office will be reaching out to the lender and stay in contact with the Lama to provide assistance.