PARK STRATTON - The owner of a Park Stratton home complains a developer's rush to beat a zoning change left her with a complete mess in her driveway.

The City Council recently voted 51 to 0 in favor of rezoning the area that is bordered by the Cross Bronx Expressway, East Tremont Avenue and Beach Avenue for one- and two-story homes. Nerva Martinez's Rosedale Avenue house is included in that area. She says the developer was scrambling to complete foundation work on a four-story, eight-unit building before the change took effect Wednesday.

"As they were bringing down the brick wall, some of my driveway collapsed," Martinez said. She says while she's happy the new zoning will ease parking problems and other issues that arise with overdevelopment, she won't be satisfied until her driveway is fixed.

The Department of Buildings issued a stop-work order for the developer, saying the foundation work was not completed by the deadline.

A Community Board 9 member says any developer found violating the law runs the risk of having their building torn down.