THE BRONX - Hostos Community College has named a new president, and he's no stranger to the campus. 

Dr. David Gomez has been serving as the interim president, but the position will now become a permanent one after receiving the CUNY stamp of approval. He calls it an opportunity to live out his dream.  

Hostos recently made a top 10 list from the prestigious Aspen Institute recognizing community college excellence. Gomez says that he and his staff will work toward continuous improvement based on an understanding of the borough itself and the needs of its students. 

Along with the new permanent administration, Hostos is launching the Bronx Corridors of College Success Initiative. The school is teaming with nonprofits and other community organizations to get more Bronx residents through college. 

Gomez adds of Hostos, "We're not just in the community, we're of the community."