THE BRONX - The state Department of Environmental Conservation on Tuesday issued an air-quality health advisory for the New York City metro and lower Hudson Valley regions.

Despite the advisory, kids were out enjoying the park, riding their bikes and playing on the tennis courts at Loreto Park. Many of the children were participating in the city's "Kids in Motion" program.

The program's goal is to get city kids off the couch and onto the playgrounds by introducing them to physical activities like sports and water games.

Other residents took their boats on the water for some maritime relaxation.

During the advisory, New Yorkers were asked to cut back on the use of appliances.

The DEC said lights and appliances should be turned off when they are no longer needed and window shades should be closed to limit the buildup of heat inside homes. The agency also recommended that air conditioners should be set no lower than 78 degrees.

The humidity was expected to climb even higher on Wednesday.