THE BRONX - The Opera House Hotel in the South Bronx voiced its frustration with the Department of Health Tuesday over reports and allegations that the boutique hotel was allegedly the main source of the borough's Legionnaires' outbreak.

The hotel, located on 149th Street, released a letter addressing the reports. It acknowledges that the hotel learned late Tuesday afternoon, through a conference call with DOH officials, that the department linked two people, not three, to the hotel who were infected by legionella, and that neither of those people has died.

According to the DOH, the hotel was one of the original cooling towers in which the Legionnella bacteria was discovered.

Mayor Bill de Blasio on Tuesday tried to ease concerns of South Bronx by denying any reports of the hotel as the main source of the outbreak.

An Opera House spokesperson says that the DOH will not have conclusive results of the outbreak until lab results are returned on Wednesday, at the earliest.