THE BRONX - The New Jersey man connected to a deadly house explosion is now facing two felony charges for alleged possession of marijuana.

Julio Salcedo-Contrer returned to the Bronx Friday to face charges in the 50th Precinct in Kingsbridge. He was walked from the precinct after being extradited from New Jersey, all while Deputy Fire Chief Michael Fahy's battalion looked on in solidarity.

Fahy died in the explosion after police say a gas leak caused the blast on 234th Street Tuesday.

Police believe that Salcedo-Contrer used the Kingsbridge home to grow marijuana, and say an illegal gas line helped fuel heaters for the house.

The home was also found to have been tightly insulated, and bins of fertilizer, flammable gas and propane tanks were found at the scene, authorities say.

When the investigation is over at the home, the DA's office says Salcedo-Contrer could face additional felony assault or murder charges.

Salcedo- Contrer is currently being held without bail but is expected back in court Tuesday when he'll decide if he wants to testify in front of a grand jury.