THE BRONX - The Fourth of July often brings to mind food, fireworks, family and fun. However, News 12 The Bronx has three common reasons why people end up in the emergency room on Independence Day.


Emergency room physicians warn that both alcohol and caffeine can cause dehydration. Doctors recommend sipping sports drinks, which contain electrolytes. Also, if you are drinking beer, make sure to also drink plenty of water.

Foodbourne illnesses:

Another culprit during the summer holiday is foodborne illnesses. Doctors say to make sure you wash your hands when preparing meals, and make sure to put leftovers away. Also, refrigerating your food will retard the growth of bacteria and keep food safer. The U.S. Department of Agriculture says food should be refrigerated within two hours, or one hour if it's above 90-degrees.


Overheating from the sun is a big concern during the sweltering summer months. Make sure to wear light, loose-fitting clothing and don a wide-brim hat to protect your head and face from the harmful UV rays. Sun block and sunscreen are necessary to protect your skin from the sun and prevent a nasty burn.