THE BRONX - Hundreds of people flocked to the New York Botanical Garden to see the corpse flower that blossomed.

Lines stretched around the building as many waited for a chance to see and smell the iconic flower that officially bloomed yesterday.

Experts at the garden say they have been waiting years for the plant to bloom.

Amy Magneson and her two daughters waited anxiously for the flower to bloom.

"We've been watching it all week," Magneson said. "We have been watching it all week online.”

Corpse flower blooms in the Western Hemisphere are extremely rare, according to experts. The last time a corpse flower bloomed at the New York Botanical Garden was in 1939.

The flower is about 6 feet 8 inches tall and has vibrant hues of yellow and red. Experts say it gets its name from the smell it produces, which is similar to spoiled meat or rotting fish.

Experts say the flower produces the smell in order to attract pollinating insects.

Officials say there are also several smaller corpse flowers growing at the garden.