THE BRONX - Hundreds of dead fish are turning up in the Hutchinson River in the Bronx. 

A viewer reported seeing the fish floating on top of the water, but it's not just the sight of dead fish that they reported, it was also the smell.

The odor of dead fish can be smelled around the area, causing many workers at a scrap yard close by to avoid the area. 

Meteorologist Mike Favetta offered insight into the phenomena, suggesting that there is not enough oxygen in the water during hot summer months so fish simply die. 

"The same thing happens when you open a soda bottle, a warm soda bottle, you open it and it sprays everywhere because the gases are trying to escape from the liquid. If the soda bottle were colder like in the case of the Hutchinson, a cooler water would hold more dissolved gases and that leads to a higher concentration of dissolved oxygen," he says.

News 12 reached out to the Department of Environmental Conservation but has not yet heard back.