THE BRONX - Police are searching for a robber who has been targeting women on Valentine and Creston avenues and Strong Street for nearly a month.

Authorities say one of the perpetrator?s attacks was captured on a surveillance camera at 3044 Valentine Ave. The recording shows the man hiding by the stairwell, then approaching his victim near the elevator and punching her. When the woman falls to the ground, the robber tries to steal her purse, but the victim puts up a fight and scares him off.

?It could?ve been me because 10 minutes before she went in, I was coming inside from my work when I heard the scream,? says Ana Maria Rodriguez.

Leka Palushai, the building?s owner, says the robber was probably buzzed in by one of the tenants.

?They?re not supposed to open the door for nobody before they know who?s ringing the bell,? Palushai says.

Police say the purse snatcher went on to rob other women on Strong Street and on Creston Avenue. Anyone with information about the attacker is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS.