THE BRONX - A Hunts Point couple have started a business to help residents feel a little more special.

Charlie and Noelia, owners of Ideal Cuddle, offer cuddle sessions to help those who may feel a bit touch-deprived.

Prices start at $60 for 45 minutes, and go up to $100 for 90 minutes.

Neuroscientists say there is data backing up the benefits of contact. They say in babies, love and touch can cause brains to grow.

"It can lessen depression, it can lessen anxiety, reduce stress levels," says Noelia.

There are ground rules if you want to cuddle. Charlie and Noelia schedule a public meeting first before going to their cuddle space.  Clients need to be showered, have fresh breath and appropriate clothes on, and every session is on camera.

The owners both work at other jobs when not cuddling,  They hope the business will take off enough for them to cuddle full time.