THE BRONX - The living conditions at one Hunts Point apartment building are so bad that the floors are collapsing and the ceilings are caving in.

Tenants at 805 East 156th St. say their apartments are crumbling due to water damage. They say there hasn't been running water in months because it's all leaking from their ceilings instead.

One tenant says the floor sometimes accumulates 2 or 3 feet of water due to the constant leaking.

Residents also complain that they're living with mold, rats, roaches, broken doors and no heat.

BBP Corp., the building's caretaker, says the conditions are due to the tenants not talking good care of their apartments. The company say it is working on evicting some of the tenants.

News 12 has reached out to BBP's lawyers, but they have yet to respond.