THE BRONX - There may not be any snow falling now, but the two snowstorms earlier this week are now causing even more headaches for drivers.

With alternate side of the street parking suspended for days, residents didn't have to shovel their cars out. While shoveling might not be easy, it gets even harder days after the snow has fallen. The cold temperatures and the rain create a mess and instead of a shovel, Bronx residents may need a chisel.

On Soundview Avenue and Underhill Avenue, cars were still buried. Some residents spent much of the afternoon trying to crack the ice that formed.

Jairo Figueroa says he spent 45 minutes digging himself out on Wednesday. Now, he says his neighbors will be out today with a shovel for at least two hours.

Other residents say even if they dug out, the plows would just bury them back in. Some are sticking to public transportation.