THE BRONX - The leader of a new mosque on Third Avenue and 166th Street says construction of the facility is poor and that the contractor may be working illegally.

The leader of the mosque, Imam Nurdeen Sunayman, says the construction has many problems including cracked floors, rusty pipes and a sprinkler pipe placed across the holy dome. There is also no water in the building.

?We use water before you pray,? says Sunayman. ?Now we can?t do it.?

Sunayman says they are planning the opening ceremony for June 21 - , whether or not there is running water in the building. The imam also says the contractor, NY City Corp. Builders Inc., may be operating illegally. He is considering legal action against the contractor.The contractor told News 12 The Bronx that it is the plumber and the architects who are responsible for bringing water into the building. He refused to comment about his license.