THE BRONX - A Jacobi Medical Center worker is being recognized for her years of dedication and service in emergency preparation.

Janice Halloran is one of six who beat a field of 25,000 eligible city nominees to win the Sloan Public Service Award. Halloran oversees the emergency departments at Jacobi and North Bronx Central Hospital.

She is a City Island resident who has worked at Jacobi for 23 years, and is their first employee to be given this award. Throughout her time there, she has been at the forefront of local disasters and emergencies such as the Metro-North train derailment last December, Superstorm Sandy and the I-95 deadly bus accident in 2011 that injured 23 passengers.

Halloran says she knew growing up that she wanted to work in that field. She says her future goal is to make her department the best in emergency medicine and preparedness, and pass her knowledge and skills down to others.