THE BRONX - A Mott Haven store owner says her business is still recovering from Sandy and needs the community's help to get back on her feet.

Jamie Jones, owner of the Shoppe at 127 Lincoln Ave. says she is in a crunch to make rent after her business was halted by Sandy.

The entire ceiling of the warehouse, which was used to print silk-screen shirts, fell down during the storm. All of the equipment Jones used for her business was damaged or destroyed.

The city's vacate order has been lifted on the warehouse, and the landlord expects rent money by Aug. 1.

However, without production in more than eight months, Jones is trying to think of creative ways to pay her bills.

This weekend, she is hosting a trunk show for local artists to come and sell their wares.

Proceeds from the show will help keep the Shoppe open and give people a chance to buy authentic Bronx-made products.