NEW YORK - Family members hope new evidence will convince the DA to reopen an investigation into police brutality claims by Javier Payne.

Payne, 14 at the time, was hospitalized after being forced through a glass window as police arrested him for an alleged assault at the Hookah Spot on Arthur Avenue back on May 17, 2014.

The police sergeant involved had initially been cleared of criminal charges when the Bronx District Attorney's Office determined that the glass window shattered so easily because it was already cracked. But now prosecutors have released new video showing the entire incident. It shows a handcuffed Payne standing against the glass in front of an officer. They appear to exchange a few words and then the officer grabs Payne's neck before the teen falls through the glass.

Payne's family says he underwent four hours of surgery to remove pieces of glass from his heart and lungs.

Armed with the new video evidence, Payne's family has asked the DA's office to reopen the investigation.

Prosecutors have not yet responded to a News 12 request for comment.