THE BRONX - Tenants in a historic Bronx building are withholding tens of thousands of dollars in rent payments as they continue to ask a court to force their landlords to make repairs.

Last month, the tenants of 888 Grand Concourse asked a judge for a designated receiver to look after repairs in the building, but the case was rescheduled for Monday. Then, the judge decided more information was needed to act on their request and scheduled a new hearing at a later date.

Tenants say rents have risen in the building, but repairs have not been made, so they refused to pay a collective $50,000 in rent. The building is undergoing foreclosure, and according to the city's Department of Housing Preservation and Development, it has more than 200 violations.

"The best-case scenario would be that we can get somebody in as quickly as possible to start making the repairs that the tenants have been making for years," says John Montoute, the tenants' attorney.

The tenants want a judge to appoint a receiver who would ensure their rent money would go toward repairs before anything else.