THE BRONX - A judge sentenced the man convicted in the 2005 slaying of a Bronx girl to two terms of 25 years to life Thursday.

Rene Bonilla, 22, was previously found guilty of one count of second-degree murder in the stray-bullet shooting of Naisha Pearson, 10. He was also convicted of one count of second-degree attempted murder in the wounding of Leonardo D'Eaza.

Bonilla shot Pearson in the chest at Brook Avenue and E. 139th Street while trying to shoot D'Eaza at a crowded Labor Day block party. According to police, Bonilla walked around the wounded girl and shot his intended target five times. Witnesses cornered Bonilla on the roof of a building where police later captured him.

Pearson's relatives and supporters let out cries of relief in court after the sentence was handed down. The girl's father said it still isn't enough because nothing will bring his beloved daughter back.

Bonilla addressed the court before the sentencing, saying he was sorry for his actions.