THE BRONX - An archery coach who once led a college program is now using his knowledge and motivation to mentor local kids.

Larry Brown joined Waverly Johnson, a 7th-grader, at an archery tournament at Fannie Lou Hammer Freedom High School Saturday. Johnson is one of several students Brown has taken under his wing.

Brown has coached for over 50 years, and was the head archery coach at Columbia University before deciding to leave and serve a different crowd.

"I enjoyed being there, the salary was great, but the importance of teaching young people what I've been teaching them over the years, that was more important," says Brown.

Brown's coaching has spurred Johnson to aim for the Olympics. Her first step came as she competed in a program called the "Regional Dream Team," for archers trying to aim higher in their competition level.

 But Brown's philosophy goes beyond aiming for the perfect shot. He teaches his archers how to be respectful.

"When I coach, I do my best to teach them the correct way of doing things and to be a better person," says Brown.