THE BRONX - The Bronx's own Konrad Adderley will join forces with Puerto Rican artist Danny Rivera for a special concert this weekend.

Together, they will perform "MonkTango." Adderley says MonkTango is the music of jazz legend Thelonious Monk, done as tangos.  This is the first time Rivera will join MonkTango.

They had their last rehearsal on Thursday before their sold-out show on Saturday.

Their sold-out show will be at the Pregones Theatre on Saturday. The concert is one of many that will go on at the theatre as part of its March Music Series. There will be a concert held every Saturday. On Sundays, there will be free piano performances for the public.

For an extended look at the MonkTango rehearsal, watch the clip to the left or click News 12 Extra on Optimum TV channel 612.