FIELDSTON - Residents of a Bronx neighborhood given historical landmark status last year are adjusting to the pros and cons of living in a historical district.

David Paskin, a resident of Fieldston?s historical district, is thankful the area?s charm will be maintained. He does say, however, that living in a historical neighborhood comes with its share of headaches.

In order to make any changes to the outside of homes in the historical region of Fieldston, residents must get approval from the Department of Buildings and the New York City Landmarks Commission.

Paskin had to wait six months in order to get approval to renovate his kitchen. He says living in the neighborhood is worth the wait but feels his approval could have come quicker. ?The turn around time at Landmarks should be a couple of weeks,? he says.

While opponents of the landmark status say they should be able to do whatever they want with their property, Paskin says buying into the neighborhood means buying into historical preservation.

?This is a special part of the city,? he says.