THE BRONX - The Department of Transportation wrapped up a three-day construction project Friday, bringing several lane changes to East Tremont Avenue in the Bronx.

The lane changes, which span five blocks from Waterbury Avenue and Bruckner Boulevard, were met with resistance from the community.

However, Councilmember James Vacca says the lane changes are necessary at preventing more accidents.

Officials say the previous two-lane roadways have been decreased to just one lane per each side. 

Advocates of the lane change say it will cut down on distracted drivers and make the five-block span much safer. 

Vacca says in the last four years there have been more than 100 car-related accidents along the five-block span of East Tremont Avenue, including when a man was fatally struck by an SUV while riding his bike this past July. 

A spokesperson for the DOT commented by saying "We expect to finalize lane changes, markings, sidewalk bumpouts and signage in the East Tremont project area this month while we continue to look into any possible street direction changes."