THE BRONX - LinkNYC officially unveiled its latest free-to-use Wi-Fi kiosk in the Bronx Tuesday.

Officials gathered at East Burnside Avenue and Morris Avenue to unveil the kiosk.

The company has been working to replace dated payphones in New York City with free Wi-Fi and free domestic calling and charging stations. So far, 20 kiosks have been installed in the Bronx, 16 of which have been activated.

However, some Bronx residents say they have privacy concerns over the new machines.

"You put in your passwords, they connect to your social media, your telephone, they can hack all your information," says Tess Marsh, a Bronx mother.

The machine's privacy policies states it cannot guarantee the security of your information but says appropriate steps are taken to ensure data is treated securely.

The goal is to install 700 kiosks in the Bronx, and a total of 7,500 links across the city, according to officials.