THE BRONX - Some state lawmakers are trying to do away with New York City's 5-cent shopping bag fee.

The bag fee that shoppers were supposed to start paying in October won't go into effect until February thanks to an agreement between city council members and lawmakers.

The state Senate passed a bill Tuesday that would ban the city from placing any tax, fee or charge on shopping bags.

Some supporters say the 5 cents it would cost shoppers wouldn't actually help the environment and would only go back into the pockets of store owners.

The mayor's office issued a statement saying, "Local Law 63 - which garnered significant local support - reduces reliance on single-use bags and incentivizes the use of reusable bags. This is an environmentally conscious action which will ultimately help create a more sustainable city. The Council and New York State Assembly agreed to delay implementation to have further discussions."

Currently, there are no plans in the state Assembly to call the bill for a vote.