THE BRONX - City lawmakers are working on plans to ensure the safety of New York?s bridges and they say they have come up with a relatively inexpensive way to do it.

Congressman Anthony Weiner (D-Brooklyn) and other officials want all the bridges in New York City to be hooked up to 24-hour fiber optic sensors that sense stress, temperature changes and flexing of the bridges so problems can be detected.

Lawmakers say they want to make sure disasters like the recent bridge collapse in Minneapolis don?t happen again.

Officials and some residents say the $250,000 it will cost to arm the Brooklyn Bridge with such cameras for example will not be wasted.

Council member David Yassky (D-Brooklyn) says New York cannot afford to take any chances regarding bridge safety and he adds that the sensors are an inexpensive and efficient solution.

Congressman Weiner says he will introduce the sensor legislation in the fall.