THE BRONX - The lawyer for a prominent rabbi accused of improper conduct with young men said Thursday that his client is considering stepping down from his post.

Rabbi Jonathan Rosenblatt is accused of allegedly taking boys into the Riverdale Jewish Center's shower or sauna in the late 1980s for discussions and mentoring sessions. The allegations surrounding Rosenblatt were first reported in the New York Times, where some accusers claimed that the rabbi openly gawked at their bodies in the sauna and shower.

The rabbi's attorney, Benjamin Brafman, says even though the reported acts may be raising eyebrows, as of now no formal investigation or charges by the Bronx District Attorney's Office have been filed.

Brafman says the Jewish Center has been in talks with Rosenblatt about his contract and a financial settlement. He says the rabbi is contemplating stepping down because of the publicity that has put him in uncomfortable position.

Brafman says the senior rabbi is still deciding what to do next and the decision will be based on what is best for the Riverdale Jewish Center.