THE BRONX - Attorneys for a Bronx teenager who claims to be the victim of police brutality are calling on Gov. Andrew Cuomo to assign a special prosecutor to the case. Supporters of Jateik Reed say they want state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman to step in over fears the 19-year-old won't get a fair trial in The Bronx. Reed's violent arrest last month was captured on a cell phone video showing officers from the 42nd Precinct allegedly beating the teen with batons during a drug arrest. "Because of the symbiosis, the close relationship between the district attorney's office and NYPD, there is an inability to indict police officers for the criminal acts they commit," says attorney Michael Warren. Reed's parents took to the podium outside of the Bronx Supreme Court today to thank members of the community for their support. The 19-year-old victim also addressed the crowd for the first time, saying that he is still suffering from nightmares after the beating. Reed is scheduled to return to court next month.