BROOKLYN - Lawyers for the family of a man killed in a dirt bike accident say that new evidence may implicate NYPD officers in his death.

Surveillance video released by the lawyer shows an NYPD patrol car hitting the dirt bike from behind in the accident, which happened more than two years ago.

Ronald Herrera, 20, died days later from his injuries. Leonel Cuevas, who was a passenger on the bike, suffered traumatic brain injuries and temporary paralysis.

Scott Rynecki, the lawyer for the Cuevas family, says NYPD officers lied on official reports about how the accident happened.

The reports say that the dirt bike swerved recklessly in front of the police cruiser before the crash. The video does not appear to show that.

The families are renewing their request that the district attorney open a criminal investigation into the crash. 

The Bronx District Attorney's Office said in a statement, "An investigation was done at the time of the crash. Now, if appropriate, after Mr. Rynecki shares that information with us, there may be an investigation into that aspect of the case."