THE BRONX - Community leaders and elected officials got on board a trolley Friday to get an up-close look at the problems affecting some Bronx neighborhoods.

The ride took leaders all over Community Board Six to problem spots like rat holes at Fordham Plaza. Officials complained about exposed piping and the need for fencing at the site.

?Sometimes it?s very frustrating when you have a problem and you keep talking to the different agencies and the problem is still there,? said Community Board member Wendy Rodriguez. Metro-North officials said they are only in charge of the underground station. They believe the transportation department is responsible for the above-ground area.

Community Board members said it helps when multiple agencies in a shared jurisdiction come together to fix a problem, but that does not always happen. They said community input could also help.

Community leaders and elected officials made recommendations and said they hope to turn setbacks into success. City officials said they plan to present their findings to their superiors.