THE BRONX - A leaking ceiling at a Hull Avenue building in Bedford Park has been causing a family problems for about four years.

A tenant who lives with his wife and four kids in the building says they have two leaking ceilings due to a washing machine in the apartment above. The tenant says he has made numerous complaints to his landlord, who has repaired the ceilings every time, but never completely fixed the problem. The family of six is afraid the ceiling will collapse.

An inspector from the Department of Housing Preservation and Development came to the apartment and says the ceiling repairs are up to code, but issued violations for cracked tiles and defects with the shower.

In a statement to News 12 The Bronx, Colonial Management said, "She must remove the washing machine within 10 business days. If the tenant does not comply a holdover will be filed against the tenant to remove her and/or the washing machine. She will be put under probation for one or two years depending on the judge's decision."