THE BRONX - City officials say three more people have died from Legionnaires' disease, bringing the death toll to seven.

According to health officials, there have been 81 reported cases since July 10.

City officials answered questions about Legionnaires' disease at a town hall meeting Monday night. 

The outbreak has affected more than 20 buildings, but only five have tested positive for legionella bacteria. They are located at Concourse Plaza, Lincoln Hospital, the Opera House Hotel, the Streamline Plastic Company and the Verizon office building on East 167th Street. Officials say all those buildings have since been decontaminated.

Health officials stress that while the outbreak is worrisome, there is no need to panic. Legionnaires' cannot be spread from person to person. The legionella bacteria originates from stagnant water in cooling towers on top of buildings.

Officials say they will also be going into elderly homes and affordable housing to test there as well.