BEDFORD PARK - Bronx residents weighed in on the Metropolitan Transportation Authority's proposed fare hikes and service cuts during a public hearing Wednesday night at Lehman College.

Residents living in City Island, Country Club, Spencer Estates and Woodlawn would likely be affected by the proposed cuts, which include the possible elimination of Bx4, Bx34, Bx20 and Bx14. Train service would also be reduced between 2 a.m. and 5 a.m. under the plan.

The MTA is looking to raise the one-way express bus fare from $5 to $7.50 and triple the fare of Access-A-Ride, which is used by seniors and people with disabilities.

?It's ludicrous! I mean, we people are on limited incomes,? says Marc Scott. ?We're handicapped. Why should we have to suffer and pay more money to satisfy the MTA budget??

The proposed fare hikes were announced late last year in an attempt to help close the MTA?s $1.2 billion budget gap. Under the MTA?s plan, fares are expected to rise 25 to 30 percent, with one-way fares reaching $3, weekly passes going for $31 and monthly passes costing just over $100.